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Victor Avila

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Victor is a respected Deputy District Attorney who has dedicated his career to public service and giving back to the community.

With over 24 years of courtroom experience and over 115 jury trials, Victor's sound judgment and integrity have earned him a position in the prestigious Major Crimes Division of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. This division is renowned for handling some of Los Angeles' most high-profile and complex criminal cases. With his wealth of courtroom experience and an unwavering commitment to protecting the rights of victims and defendants, Victor stands as the ideal choice for the position of a judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Victor, a Los Angeles native born to immigrant parents, possesses a deep-seated commitment to safeguarding the rights of others. Growing up in a single-parent household, he took on the responsibility of caring for his three younger siblings while his mother, a nurse, worked long hours. This early display of dedication and a protective instinct later manifested in his volunteer work with the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, where he assisted abused women in filing restraining orders.​ During his time at Boston College Law School, Victor extended his altruism by volunteering at Bet Tzedek Legal Services, offering assistance to impoverished clients facing eviction from their residences.


Victor's dedication to giving back to the community has remained a central theme in his career. Over the past 13 years, on a weekly basis, Victor has mentored 5th graders in the inner city, teaching them about the opportunities that come from education and how to avoid the pitfalls that could lead a young person into the criminal justice system.

The diverse range of personal and professional experiences that Victor has encountered undeniably played a significant role in shaping his identity today. In his capacity as a Judge, Victor will be committed to guaranteeing that everyone who enters his courtroom will be provided with a chance to voice their concerns and will be treated with equity and respect, irrespective of their background.

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